At Can Tià we have found that our products can be accompanied by bread, tomato, oil, figs, grapes, cheese, pomegranates, wine, beer…
Our products can be eaten with friends and family or with a partner. They can be taken to the countryside, to the mountains or to the beach.
They can also be enjoyed alone while listening to music, lounging at home or on a trip. We have begun the journey towards variety and versatility: we want to accompany you regularly and we always want you to count on us.
Here you will find: recipes that can be made using our products; news about our company; and news about our partners.
We will continue to improve and to grow and we very much hope that you would like to be part of the process.

Today’s recipe is a reworking of popular dish, Grape Harvest noodles. This dish is popular with friends and families at the Binissalem village fiestas. Ingredients (for 4 people) 500g of

Our family is growing: we are rethinking…

Our family is growing: we are rethinking our products and increasing our range. ‘Family’ is a word that we really like. We are a family company. We use recipes that

Traditional Mallorcan sobrasada is a healthy product

Can Tià and Sa Caldera Cured Meats are members of the Mallorca Sobrasada Regulatory Council. This organization ensures the quality and purity of traditional sobrasada as well as defending the

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We can be found in our premises in Sant Joan in Es Pla, the central region of the island of Mallorca.

Embotits Sa Caldera S.L.CIF: B-07863350
Carrer de la Pau, 20 – 07240 Sant Joan – Mallorca
Phone: 971 52 64 30 – Fax: 971 85 85 03


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