Each one of our products links the past with the present: the Balearic tradition of cured meats and with the very highest standards of quality control.

Where we head in the future is down to you and your imagination. Let’s share our ideas.

Can Tia Sobrasadas embutidos Mallorca Sobrasada productos

Our traditional family recipe requires ground lean meat, paprika and other spices. It has been adapted for modern tastes. Can Tià Premium sobrasada is only sold after a lengthy curing process and when it is completely ready.

We have two types: White Pig sobrasada and Mallorcan Black Pig sobrasada. The latter is more flavoursome and with less fat.

A gluten free product.

Can Tia Sobrasadas embutidos Mallorca Camaiot productos

Our camaiot is true to a primitive Balearic tradition.
The pepper is mixed with lean pork jowl meat until a dark, earthy colour is obtained. The aroma is totally unique.
It is ready to be eaten or to be cooked. It gives a Mallorcan flavour to any meat or vegetable stew.
A gluten free product.

Can Tia Sobrasadas embutidos Mallorca Botifarró productos

Its history is as old as that of the camaiot although it is differently nuanced: lean pork and salt mixed with some pepper, stuffed into skins and then slow cooked.
A gluten free product.

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